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We develop clothing that makes users visible, respected and confident, so that everyone can be truly remarkable and experience the city freely.


Urban mobility will liberate the city. They will make it healthier and more accessible. Playful and cheerful. Serene and peaceful. But only on one condition: that the space is shared in confidence. Cars, cyclists, e-scooterists, walkers or scooters, all are actors of this revolution. All must strive for unity, for balance.

In order to achieve this balance, what we can do is to change the way we are perceived in the city. What we can do is to be both visible and considered. What we can do is be remarkable.

With Urban Circus, serenely embrace the freedom to go. Be visible. Be beautiful. Be confident. Take charge of your look, and trade in your mackintosh for clothes of light.

Urban Circus. Be remarkable.


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"It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life".

We are in June 2008, and Karl Lagerfeld, absolute icon of fashion, poses in 4 x 3 format all over France for the Road Safety?

The message is simple, direct, and highly effective. The media are relaying the all-round campaign to "make the safety waistcoat and the warning triangle compulsory in order to better inform other drivers of the presence of a vehicle immobilised on the road and of its driver if he or she has to get out of the vehicle...". 

But this decree, promulgated by the government on 30 July 2008, does not concern two-wheeled vehicles (motorised or not), even though the latter also expected to make themselves visible. Many cyclists and motorcyclists are starting on their own initiative to wear a yellow waistcoat.

Between 2010 and 2016, the number of people killed on bicycles increases by 22%, according to Road Safety figures.

2016 : Urban Circus is launched, with the aim of helping to bring down the figures for two-wheeler accidents, thanks to a collection of reflective clothing specially dedicated to urban mobility.


1st crowdfunding campaign :

Urban Circus presents its 1st collection of 4 pieces on Ulule. A success with 108 pre-orders in 1 month. This is how it was launched on the Cascadeuse Bomber, and Jongleur Down Jacket.

Grand prizes :

6 mois d'acceleration at Impact Partners via «Le comptoir de l’innovation».

Winner of the "Réseau Entreprendre 93".

Winner of several major competitions such as Moovjee / Scientipole / Total Edhec Entreprendre.

Incubation at "Arts & Métiers" to help us develop and structure our research.


2nd crowdfunding campaign!

After a year of R & D, Urban Circus launches its Juggler 5.0. A fluorescent and reflective coat, long, padded, tactile pocket and above all with integrated LED lights.

Big success: 120 pre-orders. This jacket will take another 2 years to make... There was a whole world between prototyping and industrialisation that we had underestimated.

Many thanks to our supporters for supporting us so far!

The grand prizes are back!

. With the Groupama prize for innovation

. Selection to the FashionTech incubation programme #LookForward de Showroom Privé

2nd launch: Urban Jungle collection!

Welcome to jackets Banana et Naturiste


The return of the Grand Prix returns!

. Urban Circus is awarded the Innovation in Road Safety Prize! Fluorescent, reflective, reversible and stretch jackets ... We are the first to make safety cool and trendy !

. Creation Prize in Strasbourg for the first Urban Circus fashion show

3rd launch: the POP collection

Launch of the POP jacket, de la cape de pluie Voltigeuret des gilets BenderS.W.A.T et Crop Top !

1st collaboration

Collaboration with the brand La Ceinture d'Avion and La Philéas Compagnie, manufacturer of bow ties. “made in France”


A great partnership with Cityscoot

If you are a Parisian, you know. They are not cyclists, nor scooter or wheelers, but we all share the same state of mind: riding freely without limits.

Urban Circus launches in Canada

There was of course a market beyond the seas! A team set up there to promote the brand. Thank you Marc-Antoine and Slava!

Corner au Bon Marché

Le Bon Marché contacts Urban Circus to offer them a mobility corner ❤️️


2nd Collaboration : AIGLE x URBAN CIRCUS

In 2018, when we met the Aigle teams, we had been dreaming of working with them for a long time! 2 years of R & D later we are very proud to launch a capsule collection composed of a Parka, a back pack and reflective boots.

Our first high-visibility accessories

The collaboration with Aigle is also an opportunity for Urban Circus to launch its first reflective backpack. Get ready for what's next !


3rd crowdfunding campaign with the most ambitious innovation of Urban Circus history : the Cirrus airbag jacket

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